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As we have no direct control over Google- or any other search engine for that matter, with can not gauarantee you a first page results rank.

However what we do guarantee you is that if we do not get your website ranked on the front page of Google within three months of trying we will refund to you your deposit in full - 100%- no quibble, no fuss, no hassle.

So why do we charge you a deposit in the first place? There are two reasons:

1) Whatever the outcome of our work- your website will be better optimised;

2) We will start working on your website- and the search engines at our time and expense.

The reason is that we will start working on your website- and the search engines, initially at our time and expense.

So it's reassuring for us to know that we have the cash in the bank when we do succeed in achieving your goals.

It's also a sign of your good intentions- that you will honour your side of the bargain as well.

Because our business relationship is for a minimum of three months agreement between us- Success or Failure.

It's like Ying and Yang. Yin and Yang are associated with opposite forces, such as hot and cold, light and dark, and black and white. Neither can exist in isolation, but they mutually influence each other.

So what have you got to lose? Don't delay- please contact us now to see if your site qualifies for our free SEO Service:

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